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December 2023 – May 2024

Evolve Your Purpose in
Six Transformative Months

Are you ready to design a more purpose-driven life?

One that weaves your talents, passions, and values into one coherent flow?

Join a dedicated group of like-minded practitioners and design a life that resonates with every fiber of your being.

We all have enormous gifts and potential that lie dormant until they are awakened and nurtured. We often doubt and wonder who we are and whether we can succeed. We hesitate to take that next vulnerable step that would put ourselves out there for the benefit of others.

What are you keeping from the world by withholding your gifts and talents?

The impact you’re here to make isn’t going to happen by simply carrying forward what made you successful in the first place, even though what brought you here was a ton of grit, courage and determination.

There are new capacities to grow and ways of being to develop in order to answer the call for a greater purpose and thrive in this next extraordinary chapter of your life.

The Integral Life Design Lab is designed for people who are passionate about making an impactful contribution to the world while doing work that is deeply fulfilling.

Dare to dream, experiment, play, fail, and discover new dimensions to your life purpose.

A modern & psycho-spiritual approach to life design.

Conventional approaches to life planning and self-improvement are often insufficient for navigating our modern challenges. They are commonly over-prescriptive, not allowing for personalized support, or too open-ended, lacking the practical steps and solid foundation we need.

Stay ahead of the curve with the Leadership Circle Profile™

Invest in your leadership development and advance your career with the most sought-after 360-degree leadership assessment.

With 20 years of experience as a senior consultant, author, leader, and coach, I’ve had the privilege of working across multiple continents and cultures. My background includes in-depth experience in consulting, 1:1 coaching, and group facilitation, as well as designing and delivering experiential trainings, workshops, online courses, and conferences.

My journey began at eighteen when I set out with a small backpack on a search for truth and self-discovery. That journey eventually led me to living the monastic life, where I dedicated myself to a path of growing up and waking up.

Following my time as a monk, I pursued a fulfilling career as an author, educator, and senior consultant in the publishing industry, leading numerous digital transformation projects and developing custom-tailored training solutions for major publishing companies worldwide.

As an Integral Master Coach™, I am committed to my own development and spiritual practice. I cherish the opportunity to make an impact on people’s lives and contribute to the well-being and sustainability of our planet. This work also challenges me to “walk the talk,” providing the most transformative gift I can offer my clients.

I support leadership development through Integral Coaching®, the Leadership Maturity Framework (VeDA), and the Leadership Circle Profile™. I work with my clients to develop capacities that allow for more effective leadership, a conscious inner life, deeper relationships, and the ability to navigate complexity, polarities, and change in more mature ways.

Having lived in 3 countries, I’ve served over 100 organizations across 15 countries throughout Europe, North America, the Middle East, and India, spanning multiple sectors including UN organizations, technology, publishing, software, and education.

Get Started with the Leadership Circle Profile™

The Most Sought-after 360º Leadership Assessment

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In this era of relentless change and disruption, remaining a competent and effective leader demands constant evolution. The Leadership Circle Profile™, a globally trusted 360-degree leadership assessment, is your key to unlocking this potential.

This is the only 360º leadership assessment that delivers focused competency feedback while also revealing the underlying assumptions driving your leadership style.

By investing in the Leadership Circle Profile™, you’ll gain:

  • Comprehensive Insight: Gain a comprehensive, 360-degree understanding of your leadership style and its impact, backed by decades of leadership data and research.
  • Immediate Feedback: Receive immediate, actionable feedback to help you swiftly identify and address key areas for improvement.
  • Sustainable Change: Go beyond surface-level behaviors to understand the underlying motivations and beliefs that drive your leadership style.
  • Enhanced Relationships: Improve relationships within your team by identifying and adjusting your tendencies towards reactive and creative leadership.
  • Future Readiness: Develop the essential human capacities that equip you to navigate the future with confidence, resilience, and agility.

Stay ahead of the curve, secure your relevance in our rapidly changing world, and step into your leadership potential with the Leadership Circle Profile™.

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  • 100% Confidential Report

    All data, including feedback reports and conversations, are exclusively owned by you and will not be shared with anyone else unless you choose to provide it.

  • 2-Part Comprehensive Debrief Conversation

    Gain valuable insights into your leadership style through two 90-min. conversations and receive personalized guidance to help you leverage your strengths and address key areas for improvement.

  • Tailored Leadership Development Plan

    Receive a personalized leadership development plan that is tailored to your unique strengths, challenges, and specific context, to help you become a more effective leader and achieve better results for your team and organization.

For a limited time only, you’ll get a 50% discount on the full price, valid until June 15th.

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If you have questions about the Leadership Circle Profile™, please see the Frequently Asked Questions below or send an email to schedule a complimentary discovery call and explore how the assessment can be beneficial in your specific situation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can benefit from the Leadership Circle Profile™?

The Leadership Circle Profile™ (LCP) 360º assessment is suitable for anyone in a leadership role, such as executives, managers, team leaders, HR professionals, and aspiring leaders in both private and public organizations.

It is particularly beneficial for those looking to enhance their self-awareness, improve their leadership effectiveness, and make a positive impact on their teams and organizations.

What does the assessment measure?

The Leadership Circle Profile™ (LCP) delivers a full and insightful 360º perspective of your leadership style and impact. It measures 29 dimensions of leadership, designed to provide you with a detailed understanding of your strengths and abilities, as well as any blind spots and current limitations in your leadership effectiveness.

It is the only 360° assessment that measures Creative Competencies and Reactive Tendencies, offering a holistic perspective that encompasses both the internal and external aspects of leadership.

Download this White Paper to gain further insight into the LCP and its impact on leadership development.

How long does it take to complete the assessment?

The Leadership Circle Profile™ (LCP) assessment takes about 15‑20 minutes to complete. To accommodate busy schedules, the survey-taking process allows you to pause and resume at your convenience, providing maximum flexibility.

How does assessment work?

The Leadership Circle Profile™ Assessment consists of a self-survey and an evaluator survey. The self-survey requires the leader to answer questions about their leadership, as well as additional questions about the most effective leader they've worked with.

The evaluator survey features the same sections as the self-survey, along with an additional section for open-ended feedback. It is recommended that each leader receives feedback from at least ten evaluators, including their boss, peers, direct reports, and others from various professional contexts (e.g. past jobs, volunteer work, vendors, and customers).

In our first debrief conversation, you'll be provided with a detailed report that includes the percentile scores, a comparison of your self-assessment scores to those from evaluators, and anonymous open-ended feedback.

Is the Leadership Circle Profile™ statistically valid?

Yes, the Leadership Circle Profile™ (LCP) is statistically valid. Over a six-year period, extensive psychometric analysis has been conducted to ensure its validity.

The LCP boasts high internal consistency (coefficient alpha > 0.70), and its factor structure matches the structure presented by Leadership Circle. Throughout years of validity research, the Leadership Circle Profile™ has shown consistent and trustworthy correlations that adhere to the profile's core theoretical framework.

Download this White Paper to explore how improvements in leadership effectiveness can boost business performance.

What sets the Leadership Circle Profile™ apart from other 360º assessments?

The Leadership Circle Profile™ (LCP) sets itself apart from other 360º assessments by offering a unique and comprehensive approach to leadership development. While most 360º tools measure a set of key competencies correlated to behavior and business performance, the LCP goes beyond this by integrating leadership, psychological, and spiritual development frameworks. This provides a more in-depth and transformative experience for leaders.

The LCP is also the only 360º assessment that measures both Creative Competencies and Reactive Tendencies, offering insight into the underlying beliefs and assumptions that drive behavior. Additionally, the LCP uses percentile scores for a more accurate interpretation of the data and presents the results in a visually compelling circle format, making it easier for leaders to identify critical patterns and focus on the key issues.

Ultimately, the LCP is a next-generation leadership transformation instrument that stands out from the traditional 360º tools, offering a more powerful and insightful experience for leaders on their developmental journey.

Download this White Paper to learn more about how the LCP assessment compares to other 360º assessments.

How does the 2-part coaching debrief work?

The 2-part coaching debrief consists of two 90-minute coaching sessions, specifically designed to enhance your understanding and interpretation of your Leadership Circle Profile™ results.

In the first session, we'll unpack your LCP results, examining your strengths, growth areas, and potential leadership blind spots.

During the follow-up session, we'll collaborate to create an action plan that leverages your strengths, addresses improvement areas, and deepens your understanding of the underlying assumptions that influence your leadership effectiveness.

After completing the second session, you'll receive a personalized Leadership Development Plan, tailored to your unique leadership journey, and designed to support your long-term growth and success.

How is my privacy protected during the assessment and coaching debrief?

As a coach, I take your privacy very seriously. The feedback provided is completely confidential, and our coaching debrief sessions are conducted in a private, one-on-one setting, with any information shared being kept strictly confidential.

I understand that receiving feedback from your colleagues can be sensitive and potentially confronting. To address this, the LCP does not report scores if less than 3 people complete the assessment from any breakout group.

The only exception is for feedback from your boss and anyone specified as your boss's boss, as their job is to develop you, and giving feedback is part of that responsibility. All other scores are reported as group averages, ensuring that you will not know who said what and keeping the identities of individual respondents concealed.

Download this Comprehensive Guide to further understand feedback anonymity relating to the LCP 360º assessment.

Can we incorporate this profile into our performance appraisal process?

No, the Leadership Circle Profile™ (LCP) should not be used as part of a performance appraisal process. The LCP is specifically designed to catalyze developmental learning by measuring internal belief structures, and thus, maintaining confidentiality is of utmost importance. It focuses on measuring leadership abilities rather than the on-the-job performance typically tracked in performance reviews.

While I encourage participating leaders to seek feedback on their results and discuss their learnings with their superiors, it's important to remember that the LCP is intended solely for developmental purposes and not for high-stakes decisions such as selection, promotion, or termination.

Additional Questions?

If you have any additional questions about the Leadership Circle Profile™, please send an email. I'd be happy to schedule a complimentary discovery call to explore how the assessment can be beneficial in your specific situation.

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