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Integral Coaching®

for Purpose Discovery & Conscious Living

Rise into your power,
Reimagine your purpose,

Thrive with passion and confidence.

Are you longing for a more meaningful and purpose-driven way of life?

You’re an intelligent, successful, and accomplished professional.

On the outside, you have it all together.
On the inside, you’re just not fulfilled anymore by what you’re doing.

You’re tired of the never-ending cycle of striving for goal after goal, and for the sake of what?

After many accomplishments have been made and much time and energy invested, you’re now feeling a call… a deep inner call… toward something more meaningful and impactful.

It’s not just you.

It’s a spiritual journey that’s calling on the highest and deepest within you.

That inner longing you feel is a powerful evolutionary impulse that’s calling you to connect with your deeper purpose and express it in your life and work.

Now more than ever, the world is in need of those who are willing to rise into their power, lead with their heart, and make a genuine impact—personally, culturally, and globally.

Does this mean you need to leave your career, move to a new city, and start over again? Absolutely not.

Discovering your purpose gets to the heart of what matters and brings more clarity, structure, and form to your life and work. It awakens a profound sense of aliveness, depth, and sacredness within you. When you consciously experience who you are at a soul level, you can more intimately inhabit your place, your niche, and your deepest calling.

Integral Coaching® for
Purpose Discovery & Conscious Living​

An integrative experience for a more meaningful and purpose-driven life.

Reimagine yourself, your future, and what’s possible… bring clarity to your soul's calling and make ripples of impact.
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Expand your emotional capacities... expand into new territories
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Grow yourself to be more influential, effective, and fulfilled by integrating who you really are, and what you deeply value, into your professional life. When your inner world evolves, your outer world evolves.

“Only by venturing into the unknown, do we enable new ideas to take shape. And those shapes are different for each voyager.”

– Meg Wheatley

Enroll in a Purpose Discovery Program, Uniquely Tailored to You.

A 6-month transformational journey grounded in Integral Theory, neuroscience, ancient wisdom, and the structure and discipline of a martial arts lineage.

This program is designed for people who are passionate about making an impactful contribution to the world and who wish to sustain that passion while doing work that is deeply fulfilling.

We all have enormous gifts and potential that lie dormant until they are awakened and nurtured. We often doubt and wonder who we are and whether we can succeed. We hesitate to take that next vulnerable step that would put ourselves out there for the benefit of others.

What are you keeping from the world by withholding your gifts and talents?
And what is at the source of this?

The impact you’re here to make isn’t going to happen by simply carrying forward what made you successful in the first place, even though what brought you here was a ton of grit, courage and determination. There are new capacities to grow and ways of being to develop in order to answer the call for a greater purpose and thrive in this next extraordinary chapter of your life.

With skillful support and guidance from an Integral Master Coach™, you’ll be better equipped to navigate your journey in a way that embraces your inner and outer development, and infuses them with new levels of awareness, creativity, and personal agency.

Schedule a Conversation

One powerful conversation can be life-changing!

Ready to explore how a tailored Purpose Discovery program can support you? Book a complimentary 60 min. discovery conversation, with no obligation to enroll in a paid coaching program.

Your Unique Coaching Journey

A tailored Integral Coaching® program to discover and embody your life purpose.

The path to a more meaningful and purpose-driven life is unique for each of us. While you can benefit from the wisdom and experience left behind by the map makers, you must make the journey yourself.

This 6-month purpose discovery program is highly personalized and tailored to your unique qualities, strengths and challenges. Through progressive cycles of development, you’ll be supported to access your life’s calling and engage wholeheartedly in the work that is yours to do—while getting paid for the privilege.

We meet every 2-3 weeks for 90 minutes. Each cycle of development engages your whole being—activating your heart, mind, body, and spirit so that you can dynamically approach your life’s work in new and profound ways.

Here’s a roadmap to help you understand what to expect along the journey.

Preparing for the Journey

In our first coaching session, we’ll explore, unfurl, and connect to the change you are longing to make in your life and the broader impact you wish to achieve. We’ll inquire into the different facets of your purpose, including your unique intelligences, your deeper held beliefs around purpose, and the challenges you are encountering when attempting to live a more purpose-filled life. We’ll also explore who you are being called to become in order to more fully align with your purpose.

By the end of this conversation, you‘ll find insight into what prevents you from moving forward and you’ll already begin to align with the creative intelligence that is wanting to unfold in you. We’ll also define a specific coaching topic that encapsulates the outcome you want to experience as a result of our coaching work together.

I will then design a unique and personalized coaching program for you that’s based on what we learned about you, your longings, and your topic.

Sparking Your Development

In this session, we’ll prepare for crossing the threshold between the life you’re living now and the life that is calling you. We’ll map out the journey together so you have a clear road map to see where you are headed, the new way of being you’re being called to embody, and the developmental trajectory towards the outcomes you’re deeply longing for.

Throughout this conversation, we’ll jointly refine and adjust your coaching program you so that every aspect of it feels like yours. This is fundamentally important, because our work over the upcoming months will be guided by the developmental objectives outlined in your program. They serve as key milestones that orient your development and allow us to track the progress you’re achieving in our work together.

You will walk away from this conversation with your first set of integrative practices that will begin to prepare you for living a life of purpose.

Man in practice_4
Engaging in Conscious Practice

The path is made by walking it. No action, no result, no change. To live a more purpose-driven life, conscious practice is essential. Throughout our journey together, you will engage in experiential practices that are designed to progressively support your unfolding and development—and ultimately empower you to discover and express your life purpose.

By shifting what you physically do, how you behave, how you speak, and the beliefs that guide you, you can transcend the way of being that is no longer serving you—while including and integrating its healthy, valuable, and supportive aspects into a whole new way of being that is more capable, confident, and purpose-driven.

One of the core benefits of an Integral Coaching® program is that each practice is tailor-made for you and co-designed with you. In this way, the work we do together has greater potential to truly meet you at your growth edge and support you to develop the specific capacities and ways of being needed to embed these qualities deeply into your life and work.

You’ll know your efforts are paying off when you’re making bold new moves with ease and confidence under the same old pressures and challenges.

Embodying Your Purpose

Being able to accurately uncover your life purpose is a breakthrough. And yet it’s just one step on the journey, not the destination itself.

When it comes to switching your focus from discovering your purpose to living your purpose, you will inevitably run into challenges and obsticles that undermine a life on purpose. So long as you continue to appraoch them with the same old beliefs and habits, you will continue to be greatly challenged, even stuck.

If you long to do something you were born to do, embodying your purpose must become the priority and focus of the next chapter of your life.

Through the support of a tailored Integral Coaching® program, you’ll be more able to do the life-changing work that’s needed and incorporate your deeper purpose into your daily life and work.

Embodying your purpose is a demonstration of love and service to life.

Schedule a Conversation

One powerful conversation can be life-changing!

Ready to explore how a tailored Purpose Discovery program can support you? Book a complimentary 60 min. discovery conversation, with no obligation to enroll in a paid coaching program.

At the age of eighteen, I packed a small backpack and left home to embark on a profound journey for truth and self-discovery. That journey eventually led me to the monastic way of life, where I dedicated myself to the path of growing up and waking up. Following my time as a monk, I led an exciting 20-year career as an author, trainer, and senior consultant in the graphic design and publishing industry—following my heart every step of the way.

I’ve contributed to designing and launching hundreds of passion projects, membership programs, transformative workshops, virtual summits, and online training courses, so their conscious creators could live into their purpose, contribute their gifts, and make ripples of positive impact.

As an Integral Master Coach™, I’m here to support you to directly access your life’s calling and engage whole-heartedly in the work that is yours to do. To step into the shoes you are being called to walk in—with head, heart, and gut.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a tailored coaching program cost?

Each program is priced differently depending on the complexity and duration of the program you choose to engage in. We will discuss your investment and cost of the program during your complimentary discovery call.

Are the coaching sessions in-person or online?

All coaching sessions with me are held online, which allows us to meet regularly from wherever you're living in the world. In my experience, coaching online is just as powerful and supportive as meeting in person.

How often do we meet? And how many conversations do we have?

We meet every 2-3 weeks for 90 minutes. We have 12 coaching sessions in total. In between each conversation, you will engage in transformational practices designed to progressively support your development.

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