Act with purpose, lead with your heart, and make ripples of positive impact.

Preparing for the Journey

In our first coaching session, we’ll explore, unfurl, and connect to the change you are longing to make in your life and the broader impact you wish to achieve. We’ll inquire into the different facets of your purpose, including your unique intelligences, your deeper held beliefs around purpose, and the challenges you are encountering when attempting to live a more purpose-filled life. We’ll also explore who you are being called to become in order to more fully align with your deepest longings.

By the end of this conversation, you‘ll find insight into what prevents you from moving forward and you’ll already begin to align with the creative intelligence that is wanting to unfold in you. We’ll also define a specific coaching topic that encapsulates the outcome you want to experience as a result of our coaching work together.

I will then design a unique and personalized coaching program for you that’s based on what we learned about you, your longings, and your topic.

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