Gabriel Powell

Integral coaching for personal and professional transformation

It's about making ideas happen

Facilitating transformation through a thought-provoking and integral coaching process.


I am committed to discovering and telling the truth about myself whenever I catch myself not being genuine, real, or authentic.


I am committed to serving, not pleasing my clients through powerful questioning and by challenging their growth edge with fierce love.


I am committed to my own personal growth and to making an impactful contribution to the realization of our full human potential.

Powerful Coaching for Sustainable Change

I provide an integrative coaching experience for those wanting to embody deep, lasting change. Each coaching engagement is custom-tailored to your qualities, strengths and challenges.

• gain more emotional understanding and wellbeing
• develop a greater sense of purpose, proactivity and vitality
• address a particular stumbling block or concern
• bring more intimacy and connection to your key relationships
• empower the leadership qualities within you

The Integral Coaching® method is recognized as one of the most effective frameworks for coaching. It combines the world’s most comprehensive map of human development, the structure and discipline of a martial arts lineage, and a proven track record for delivering sustainable change.