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for Conscious & Purpose‑driven Professionals

Act with purpose, lead with your heart, and make ripples of positive impact.

Are you longing to serve more consciously as an instrument of change? Do you feel a tenacious inner call to be a catalyst for real transformation in the world?

I work with passionate leaders, coaches, educators, and change makers—anyone wanting to do that deep, life-changing work that goes beyond mere productivity and behavioral improvement, into the realm of transformational change and global impact.

What is the meaningful vision that wants to live through you?

The world is calling out for authentic, heart-centered people bold enough to rise into their power, step into their deeper purpose, and contribute their gifts.

You know you’re fulfilling your life’s work when you wake up eager to face each day and you feel good about not only what you do, but also who you are.

This fundamentally requires that we become more intentional and integrated. It calls for us to evolve and unfold into to our untapped human and spiritual potential.

There is a warm radiance to human beings operating at this level. They have a nourishing presence, extraordinary energy and powers of concentration, as well as incredible wisdom, compassion, and selflessness.

Live Your Purpose

There is tremendous aliveness, depth, and sacredness in living your purpose. It gets to the heart of what matters and brings clarity, structure, and form to your life and work.

Evolve Your Inner Development

The more you consciously evolve how you make sense of your challenges and how you show up to lead purposefully and skillfully, the greater your impact will ripple out in the world.

Become a Force of Nature

Rising from your inner depths is an evolutionary impulse that’s calling you to rise into your power, lead with your heart, and make a genuine impact—personally, culturally, and globally.

“Walking our true path is finding our way towards wholeness: the unity of body, mind, spirit, and the everything of the universe.”

– Wendy Palmer

Accelerate your purpose-aligned work with a tailored Integral Coaching® program.

A transformational journey grounded in Integral Theory, neuroscience, ancient wisdom, and the structure and discipline of a martial arts lineage.

This is the kind of coaching that works on your whole being—releasing you from limiting stories and beliefs, connecting you with your deepest aspirations, and empowering you to take bold new steps under the same old challenges.

The programs I offer are highly personalized and distinctly comprehensive.

One powerful conversation can be life-changing.​

In fact, it took just one question to change the entire trajectory of my life when I was a young man.

At the age of eighteen, I packed a small backpack and left home to embark on a profound journey for truth and self-discovery. That journey eventually led me to the monastic way of life, where I dedicated myself to the path of growing up and waking up. I experienced the transformative impact that simple daily practices can have on shaping my life toward new and more purpose-driven outcomes.

Following my time as a monk, I led an exciting 20-year career as an author, trainer, and consultant in the graphic design and publishing industry.

As an Integral Master Coach™, I remain dedicated to my own development and spiritual practice. I love coaching because it gives me the opportunity to help people live more rich and meaningful lives, while making an impactful contribution to the realization of our full human potential. It also challenges me to “walk the talk”, which is one of the most precious gifts I can offer my clients.

The unfolding of this vision is the gift I offer to myself and to the world, to our ancestors and our future generations.

Schedule a Conversation

One powerful conversation can be life-changing!

Ready to bring your vision to life, but aren’t sure where to start? Book a complimentary 60 min. discovery conversation with me, with no obligation to enroll in a paid coaching program.

I’m here in support of the work that is yours to do—that which you are deeply called to bring into the world.

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